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Students who have taken a 6wks class with me can utilize the studio space to practice independently.  Availability is dependent on when I am present in the studio (usually a few days each week).  People with experience from other studios are asked to take a single throwing class (this can be set up thru email) to show competency in working on their own in the studio before being entrusted to work independently. If it has been more than 5yrs, I highly suggest the 6wks class for building confidence back on the wheel.

Studio time is charged at $5/hour and includes access to the following:


  • Pottery wheels

  • Handbuilding space 

  • Limited storage for works-in-progress

  • An extensive tool collection, climate controlled space

  • Glazes (charged according to the size of the piece)


KILN FIRING - Firing fees can be whole kiln or based on the amount of space your pieces take up in the bisque and glaze fire. If you have bought your clay elsewhere, I'd love to have a conversation to ensure you know the clay you are working with. I fire to two specific temperatures. Email me if interested in those prices.


CLAY FOR PURCHASE  - Highwater Speckled Brownstone is available in 25lb bags. Cost is $25, with my students getting a $5 discount.  Other clays may be available, please ask.


I offer single classes, three-week sessions, and more intensive six-week sessions (both wheel throwing and hand-building)


6 week class

handbuilding classes

3 week class

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