Gift Certificate for Potters Wheel lesson (for 2 people) READ DETAILS before purchase!!!

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I get asked for Gift Certificate options all the time and because of the challenges presented by them for my small studio, I only offer them in the Winter. See the **details below for how I have made them a fit for me and my studio and decide if you think they are the best option for your special person.

However, before you buy a gift certificate, I would like to first recommend.. take a class with your loved one anytime and call it their present! It doesn't have to be opened Christmas day. Or, make your own gift certificate with a promise to take a class with them. YOU'LL love it, THEY'LL love it ANNNNDDDD you'll make a great memory!! Being in the presence with someone while you both are being creative is really magical. You make cuteness together, makes mistakes together and there's something really calming about just touching clay to create.

But if you want to buy a gift certificate to present to someone you care about, read on...

This gift certificate entitles the recipient to a private class for two people to attend together. The 1.5 hour class is for instruction and making on the pottery wheel. The fee includes all instruction, materials and tools needed. The students get to come back to glaze their creations once the pots are ready to do so.

***Class must be booked with me via email no later than February 28, 2023 due to scheduling constraints
***The scheduled class must take place by March 31, 2023
***If the recipient of the gift certificate does not contact me by the end of February 2023 to schedule the class, or the class does not take place by March 31, 2023, the gift certificate it is no longer valid.
***I know these stipulations are unusual, but I'm a very small business with a tight schedule. I have found these parameters to be best for avoiding wasting anyone's time or money. The truth is that Gift Certificates only get used about 30% of the time in my industry.

I appreciate your patience. Running a part-time small business is tricky, y'all! Thanks for understanding.

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